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February 4th - Playhouse on the Park

West Hartford, CT


Feeling luckier than Tom Brady at a Super Bowl!

She's Back and ready for FUN in 2012!!!

What's your SIGN Sunshine? Aunt Shelia saves the day...AGAIN

Had a fabulous time with Emmy-Award Winning host Grover Silcox as we discussed our lives in comedy and our Philadelphia roots

Aunt Shelia is here to save what's left of her!
It's in the stars people, PAY ATTENTION!

This goes out to all of the TEACHERS doing their thang remotely and in person.  We love you and appreciate all the hard work you put in year round, THANK YOU!

This one goes out to the scientists working hard every day to find a cure for Covid.  We appreciate your dedication!

Whoever said show business is easy, never worked with us! Here is a preview of our greatness...

Quarantine, The Virus, Riots, Murder Hornets and now SEEDS???
2020, What can it be now?!?!

This is bad, very bad, oh so bad...if I'M THE TEACHER
Quarantine 2020

We'll go with the SCIENCE and we hope you do too!  Quarantine 2020

Okay Patriots, you know what to do!
No summer is complete without a Mz. Merman Medley!

Patsy says...
Y'all have a great day but remember to keep your distance!

Feeling GRATEFUL for everyday!  Spread joy, it has a RIPPLE effect! 

Sweet Dreams of Roaming Free, be careful coming out of quarantine

Ohhh, here she comes, watch out boy she'll chew you up...
Quarantine Eater

Come on, Come On, Come On, Don't Touch Me Babe!!!
Quarantine 2020

You're driving me Tutti Frutti...just put ON the mask!
Quarantine 2020

At least we're safe in our CARS...
Quarantine 2020

Everyone's Crazy 'Bout A Quarantined MAM
Quarantine 2020

Don't "FIDDLE" around with your health, wear a mask and wash those hands!  

Oy, how many times do I have to say it???

Quarantine 2020

Don't get it Twisted

Sisters...YOU need a break so let them eat cake!  

Quarantine 2020

To All the Moms constantly on the

Go-Go! Keep looking fabulous while flattening that curve!

Quarantine 2020

This one goes out to all of our medical personnel HEROS!

We appreciate YOU!

Don't be a PUNK...


Who's ready for a new doo? Go ahead, give those bangs a try! Beauty Shop Shut - Out.

Quarantine 2020

Elton says Every Night's Alright For Eating!

Quarantine 2020

Wait a Minute Baby...

I'm not stir-crazy, I'm Stevie Nicks crazy!

Quarantine 2020

After a few Wines around the House...

Quarantine 2020

Stand By Your Sink

That's what Dolly would do and you should too!

Quarantine 2020

Once In A Lifetime...


This one will get you through the crazy days of Quarantine 2020

Like A Surgeon

New Handwashing Song for those 80's Club Kidz 

Quarantine 2020

The Tiger Made Me Do It...The Carol Baskin Tribute 

Stay In & Stay Safe

Quarantine 2020

Outlaw Handwashin'

Song - Willie Nelson's

Washing Hands Again

Quarantine 2020

Sledgehammer -

Stay Home & Stay Safe

Quarantine 2020

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